Our services covers all the major & minor aspects of information security, some of our services includes:-

  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Secure Code Reviews
  • Web Application Security
  • Mobile Application Security
  • Network Security Assessment
  • Computer Forensics & Incident Response

We have highly skilled information security professionals and we are committed at bringing the right talent, for the right project, to our clients.We use our internally developed methodologies, combined with Software Program Management Suite of products to provide our clients with much more than simply a final deliverable that is stagnant the moment it’s printed. We help our clients prioritize, fix and verify findings. Relationships with our clients are highly important, we partner with you to understand your business needs and then define technical solutions to meet those needs.


What Our Client's Say?

"The Intro Sessions and Advanced Attacking phase are awesome and with the added bonus of Lab Book you take the cake!  I love the practical sessions!"
    - Jodie L. Johnson, Senior Software Engineer, Amazon, USA

"I am very happy with all your training sessions. I recommend CPTP course for anyone, who is willing to start career in penetration testing."
    - G. Joseph, Security Analyst, Verizon, USA


" Advance ethical hacking course was really worth learning, CPTP exam is setting new trend in infoSec industry."
  - Mark Waller, US Dept. of Defense

"Mr. Aatif is very knowledgeable about the course content, I would recommend CPTP Course who wants to get deep in Ethical Hacking."
 - Patrick Cooper, System Engineer, Sony Corporation of America

"Lab exercises along with trainer helped me to understand ethical hacking in much better & easier way."
 - Daniel Miller, U.S Army