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Hack Defense has emerged as a global leader in Information Security Training and Penetration Testing Services.

Cyber Threat worldwide has forced us to define and develop methodologies, products and tools to defend infrastructures, businesses and organizations. Parts of these solutions are military derivatives, government Agencies and personnel, who lead the national and international market in the field of information security.

Hack Defense is an Online Hacking & Security Community with its members from all across the world. Concept of Hack Defense started long Back, when a bunch of Hackers from far across the sea used to meet virtually sharing knowledge among them. Discussing knowledge among us was limited to few, This Knowledge comes with lot of responsibilities, There is famous saying:-
“Knowledge is power” and “with great power comes great responsibility,”

Years went on passing & soon plan came into existence and Hack Defense Baby born, we are more into delivering, performing & imparting Knowledge at mass Level.

We work in the dark
We do what we can
We give what we have
Our doubt is our passion, and our passion is our task
The rest is the madness of art.
— Henry James

When I picture a perfect reader, I always picture a monster of courage and curiosity, also something supple, cunning, cautious, a born adventurer and discoverer…
— Friedreich Nietzsche

What Our Client's Say?

"The Intro Sessions and Advanced Attacking phase are awesome and with the added bonus of Lab Book you take the cake!  I love the practical sessions!"
    - Jodie L. Johnson, Senior Software Engineer, Amazon, USA

"I am very happy with all your training sessions. I recommend CPTP course for anyone, who is willing to start career in penetration testing."
    - G. Joseph, Security Analyst, Verizon, USA


" Advance ethical hacking course was really worth learning, CPTP exam is setting new trend in infoSec industry."
  - Mark Waller, US Dept. of Defense

"Mr. Aatif is very knowledgeable about the course content, I would recommend CPTP Course who wants to get deep in Ethical Hacking."
 - Patrick Cooper, System Engineer, Sony Corporation of America

"Lab exercises along with trainer helped me to understand ethical hacking in much better & easier way."
 - Daniel Miller, U.S Army